The Russian system of SVP-24 “turns” conventional bombs into high-precision weapons

Base Hemeymim.  Preparing for departure

For many foreign military experts, the successful actions of Russian aviation in Syria have become an unpleasant surprise. And they can be understood, because the main combat load is carried Su-25 attack aircraft and Su-24 front bombers, adopted in the 70-80’s. Equally respectable is the “age” of most aviation bombs, which can not be classified as precision weapons. What is the secret of such a jeweler’s precision of striking the objects of the IG?

The bombers of the Second World War were equipped with a gravitational guidance system that was more or less effective in “carpet” bombing. For accurate bombing it was not good.

Later, in the 1960s and 1970s, laser-guided bombs and tele-guided bombs appeared-the “firstborns” of the emerging class of precision weapons. Their common drawback is dependence on weather conditions. The next stage – the bombs, guided on the target with the help of navigation satellites.

In order to turn the deposits of old bombs into high-precision ones, the Americans equipped each of them with the JDAM system, however, they increased significantly. Russian experts have found a much simpler and less expensive solution by creating a specialized computing subsystem of SVP-24. The system is installed on airplanes and helicopters, and the completion of the bomb itself is not required.

Exposition of SVP-24 at MAKS

It has replenished the arsenal of on-board electronics for solving a whole complex of tasks for accurate bombing. With the help of the GLONASS system, SVP-24 performs online monitoring of the position of the target and the aircraft, its speed, direction of movement, and the main meteorological data.

The SVP-24 also receives data from radar detection aircraft, radar stations and other aircraft. “Digesting” the entire array of information, the system calculates the trajectory of the bomb flight to the target. The pilot can only enter the coordinates of the target and continue flying to the specified area. At the right time, the bombs are automatically reset.

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