Airbus introduces technologies that help overcome the biorhythm violation

Airbus A 350

Most innovations in the design of passenger airliners are usually associated with improvements in comfort and safety systems. However, the developers of the new line Airbus – A350 XWB went much further. Passengers of new airliners of Qatar Airwair will be much easier to overcome time zones.

The consequences of the violation of biorhythms (“jet lag”) are manifested in the fact that sometimes the established sleep-wake cycle does not coincide with sunrise and sunset. In particular, with the sunset, more hormone melatonin is produced, which contributes to the state of drowsiness.

Many hours spent in the cabin of a passenger liner lead to disruption of the daily rhythm. For example, when you arrive in another city in broad daylight, your body will feel at home, a few hours ago or forward.

To mitigate such processes Airbus A350 XWB is equipped with additional systems. For example, in the passenger compartment, LED lighting was placed, with a chromaticity of 16.7 million colors. Changes in the light scale from warm to cold tones are made in accordance with the time of day of the time zone that the plane flies.

Also, changes were made in the design of the engine and airframe, which contributed to improving the comfort level of humidity in the cabin and reducing noise.

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