Transporter-combat model of the drone “Chimera-N”

A new transport and combat model of the chimera-N airless unit with a high precision rescue module for combat load or a transport parachute container.

The universal reset module is equipped with an optical positioning, aiming and photophixation system for bombing results. Load weight, which can be dropped – up to 5 kg. These can be unmanaged and controlled bombs, radio beacons, buoys, intelligence equipment, signal transponders. In addition, parachute containers can be discharged – with medicines, various equipment, food, and ammunition.

Range of unmanned pilots in a circle – more than 100 km. Flight time – more than two hours. Height – up to 1500 meters.

The device will be shown at the exhibition UMEX 2018 in Abu Dhabi on February 25-27, 2018. And this is not all that we will show at the exhibition.

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