Presentation to the city leadership of the concept of the use of UAV in metropolitan areas

The “Matrix Technologies” Company presented the concept of the use of unmanned aerial vehicles in the metropolitan areas of the city of Dnipro and the Department of Aeronautics of the National Police.

In the near future, flying works will overflow the airspace of cities. There is no reason to doubt it; although in the seventies or eighties of the last century, few believed that mobile phones and computers would become a necessary attribute of human life, but that's exactly what happened. Drone will provide security, deliver medicines, market products, extinguish fires, and even carry passengers – as an unmanned air taxi.

Today's future is being created. It is already flying and running. We can use “patches” and patrol booms to monitor traffic, city streets, prosecution of car hijackers, criminals. We can rescue drowning on water, extinguish fires in hard-to-reach places, deliver medicines and medical equipment to the accident site. Today it is real. And no less significant for the inhabitants of cities than the prospect of flights to Mars for all mankind.

We do not sell the future. We create it.

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