The piercing wave boat will cross the Atlantic in 48 hours on one tank of fuel


A group of British engineers led by businessman Richard George is working on a 34-meter high speed catamaran that can cross the Atlantic Ocean (about 5000 km) in less than 48 hours at a single gas station at an average speed of 105 km / h.

The current record of the crossing of the Atlantic is 2 days 10 hours 54 minutes. It was installed in 1992 by Aga Khan on the Italian boat Destriero. To beat him, George George intends, using the most modern materials, in particular, carbon fiber. He is full of confidence:

“It will be a piercing wave of catamarans. Under favorable conditions, we will be able to complete the transition from Cornwall to New York for 48 at one gas station, leaving far behind all our competitors. “

Developers of the boat

The project cost is estimated at 22 million dollars. An attempt to establish a new world record will be undertaken in the summer of 2018. Presumably, the crew will consist of 7 people.

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