Family of drone “Chimera”

Chimer Unmanned Vehicle is a universal multi-platform flying platform with a payload of up to 5 kg, built according to the hexacopter pattern in a carbon-protected shell protected from rain and snow. Unmanned Chimera can be operated in simple and complex weather conditions at wind speeds up to 15 m / s and air temperature from -25 to + 45 degrees Celsius. The Khimera UAV can be used both for military purposes and for peaceful purposes, solving completely different tasks: unlike other co-ordinators, it can fly far, long, and raise a significant payload.

The Khimera UAV can be performed in three variants , differing in the way of obtaining the energy required for flight:

1. Purely electrical version Chimera-E – with onboard battery power. In this version of the device all the advantages and disadvantages of electric multicopters are inherent – easy maintenance, low noise, but short flight time – no more than 40 minutes, and small, respectively, height and distance of flight. The complex “Chimera-E” can be manufactured as part of an autonomous system, which includes the copter itself and the ground station of automatic charging of accumulators and storage of the apparatus. In this execution, the UAV performs an automatic shot from the special secured boxing ground station, and then landing for recharging the batteries.

2. Chimera-N with a hybrid unit – in this version a portable aviation gasoline generator, which produces all the energy needed for the flight, is placed on board. Also, the unit is equipped with emergency batteries for safe landing in the event of a generator's failure during the flight. The hybrid “Chimera” has unique characteristics for multicopter – with a payload of 5 kg flight time is more than 120 minutes, and a range of up to 100 kilometers. With less weight of payload, the range and flight time will be even greater. Height of the flight – up to 1500 meters.

Unmanned Battalion Chimera-N is intended for long patrolling of long sections of the state border, field monitoring, air surveillance, surveillance, search for missing persons, adjusting the work of artillery, for the protection of especially important objects, as well as for the delivery of various goods – parcels, medications, bombing, for monitoring radiation conditions, as a repeater and signal bearer and for other purposes.

3. «Attachment» «Chimera-T» – this pilot obtains power from a special high-strength protected cable from a ground source of energy and performs functions of a height observation tower or high-altitude antenna. Height above a given point – from 10 to 150 meters; On board there are emergency batteries for safe landing in case of cable breakage or stopping of power supply on board. The device may be continuous in air up to 45 days, after which it is necessary to perform routine work.

Chimera-T is intended primarily for air surveillance in the optical range during the day and at night , for radar detection of small-scale air targets – in the case of equipping its radar station; as a signal transponder – including for communication with other unmanned aerials, as a signal finder, etc.

All Chimera UAVs are equipped with a reliable autopilot, which provides automatic takeoff and landing, automatic flight on the route, correct handling of emergency emergency situations. Manual control with the ground station and the control panel prepared by the UAV operator.

The means of communication and remote control of “Chimera” drone aircraft provide the creation of secure digital communication channels with the ground station with the transmission of FullHD video at a range of several kilometers to several tens of kilometers (depending on the type of equipment used).

Homeless unmanned aerial vehicles are unified, with similar service cards facilitating services affect others various embodiments of the apparatus within the same organization, one flight unit.

Made in Ukraine.

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