CES 2016 presents unique achievements of modern technologies

CES 2016

The traditional annual exhibition of the achievements of consumer electronics CES 2016 is another opportunity to look into the future, where the most modern technologies are designed to make our life even better.

As the chief designer of the electric car FFZero 1 Richard Kim, the concept of their novelties includes a 1000-horsepower engine, capable of speeds of up to 321 km / h (up to 96.5 km / h, it accelerates in 3 seconds). The kit includes a helmet that delivers oxygen and water to the driver. Do not forget about the breathtaking futuristic design with all the benefits that come with it.

Luminous dress

This product is also from the field of cutting-edge technologies – light bulbs printed on a flexible base. It has a cellular structure based on gallium nitride, thereby forming a luminous surface with millions of tiny LEDs.

Robot butler

Alpha-2 is the world’s first affordable robot butler of the Chinese company UB Tech. In the “list” of its merits – help around the house, the ability to turn lights on and off, plan their activities, read fairy tales for children at night and even give lessons in dance and yoga.

3D cake decoration

The company 3D Systems, in addition to the printed object of unearthly material , also presented a confectionery 3D masterpiece – decoration of a sugar cake with the addition of alternative ingredients from seaweed proteins, beet leaves, insects and other delicious products.

Smart refrigerator

The refrigerator of Family Hub (part of Samsung), in addition to its main “profession” – storage products, takes on a number of additional responsibilities, which includes monitoring the availability of stocks with the help of three cameras located inside, replenishing products via the Internet and much more.

The front part of the “smart” refrigerator is occupied by a huge LCD screen with a resolution of Full HD. If desired, he can replace the smartphone for sending messages, photos and web surfing. And, already from your smartphone, equipped with a special application, you can conduct an audit of the contents of the miracle refrigerator.

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