The British are exploring a ship that sank half a century ago with 1,400 tons of explosives

SS Montgomery

English researchers using sonar continue to survey the American dry cargo ship “Richard Montgomery”, which sank in 1944 in the Kent area. The matter is that up to now on its board there are about one and a half thousand tons of explosives.

The story of his death is not quite common for that time. “Richard Montgomery” was engaged in the delivery of ammunition from the United States to Britain, but by coincidence, ran aground a mile from the mouth of the Thames. The resulting crack literally tore the ship in two, and it sank. The masts of the dry-cargo ship are still sticking out of the water.

SS Montgomery

According to reports, “Richard Montgomery” was supposed to deliver to Britain about 2000 cassette and hundreds of conventional bombs weighing more than 450 kg each. According to experts, the total weight of this giant sunken time bomb is 1400 tons. If, God forbid, it works, the consequences for the coast can be the most tragic.

Currently, with the help of sonar with high resolution, it was possible to recreate the image of the vessel lying in the 3D format, which allows scientists to perform detailed external and even internal monitoring.

The annual cost of this is 40,000 pounds sterling. But this absolutely insignificant amount in comparison with the damage that can be caused as a result of the explosion is more than 1 billion pounds.

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