BMW introduced a motorcycle helmet with a transparent display

BMW Helmet

At this international winter consumer electronics show CES 2016 in Las Vegas, the BMW concern introduced the concept of a high-tech motorcycle helmet. The novelty is aimed at improving the level of comfort and safety of motorcyclists.

The main feature of the helmet is a transparent display opposite the right eye of a motorcyclist, displaying a whole range of useful information – speed, temperature, the condition of individual engine parts, fuel level and so on. And this is not all. Depending on the needs of the driver, it can be much more. So the helmet-mounted camera provides a rear view instead of a rear-view mirror.

BMW Helmet

The prototype of the future helmet is equipped with a built-in mini-computer and speakers. All electronics are controlled wirelessly using a multicontroller on the left side of the steering wheel. Power provides 2 batteries located in the back of the helmet, continuously for 5 hours.

Helmet Head-Up Display

BMW specialists are not going to stop there. In future, the helmet will be complemented by a communication system that will provide traffic data exchange in online mode between several participants of the traffic, which in the future will become part of a unified vehicle communication infrastructure .

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