The social robot Nadin looks and behaves, almost like a man

Nadine and its creator Nadezhda Telman

Progress in the field of robotics in the full sense of the word is obvious. Modern robots already react to human emotions, answer the questions asked and become more like people.

Scientists of Nanyang Technological University (Singapore) created a humanoid named Nadine, who has his own personality and is intended to be a social companion and assistant. The robot inherited the exterior of its main creator, Professor Nadezhda Telman.

Differences certainly are. So Nadine’s hair looks a little stiffer, and the look is colder, but also, like her “mother” Nadine welcomes those who address her and remember the name in case of the next meeting. She is characterized by a change of mood and emotions. Nadine can look happy or sad and she has a good memory, because she was equipped with modern software Siri from Apple or Cortana from Microsoft.

Currently, Nadin is practicing at a foster university and after appropriate development such robots will be able to perform the role of an assistant in homes and offices, as well as an interlocutor for people of any age.

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