Roskosmos showed what will happen to our galaxy in 4 billion years


The news, which can hardly be called pleasant: our Milky Way galaxy is rapidly converging with its closest neighbor, the Andromeda galaxy, and the collision, alas, is inevitable. At the moment, we are separated by some 2.5 million light years. As one of the leading Russian astrophysicists Rashid Slyunyaev said, when this happens, it will not seem to both of them.

Before encountering, the nuclei of galaxies will be spinning in “star dance” for several million years, the scale of which we can only guess. In the next few hundred million years, there will be a merger of galaxies – a monstrous light-over with clashes, death, the birth of new stars and the emission of huge portions of energy. Gradually, among the raging, boiling cosmic chaos, a new giant galaxy will form.

According to the scientist, our Earth under the influence of these cosmic energies will be thrown out of the formed megalaxy and will rush into the “autonomous navigation”, most likely without the “crew”. Consoles one – the apocalypse will take place not earlier than 3-5 billion years.

Video from Roskosmos:

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