The artist painted in one picture the whole universe


Pablo Carlos Budassi artist, studied in detail logarithmic maps and satellite images of the starry sky, painted his vision of the universe. In the foreground is displayed all – from the Sun to the Andromeda galaxy, surrounded by a cloud of plasma formed billions of years ago in the Big Bang.

As a “nature” the artist took a collection of star logarithmic maps and photographs of Princeton University, collected by NASA spacecraft. Data from the SDSS project was also used from the 2.5-meter wide-angle telescope of the Apache Point Observatory. As a result, three-dimensional maps from 3 million space objects were at the disposal of Budassi.

Picture of the Universe
Picture of the Universe

According to scientists, the age of the universe is about 13.75 billion years, while it is expanding quite rapidly, reaching 93 billion light years in width. And in October of last year, astronomers stumbled upon something that they themselves defined as a parallel universe .

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