Twitter changes its policy regarding posts calling for violence

Terrorism on Twitter

Twitter’s leadership is very determined to disseminate information that contains facts of violence and incitement to hatred, as representatives of international terrorist organizations have recently been actively engaged in.

In her blog, Cristina Megan, director of security for Twitter, categorically noted:

“As usual, we accept and strongly encourage the presence of diverse opinions and beliefs, but we will resolutely suppress any incitement to hatred and intimidation in order to silence the person.”

The new policy of the popular social network will help to block the actions of users who propagate hatred, inciting some groups of people to others. To this end, Twitter runs several special updates.

One of them will track aggressive attacks on the grounds of racial and ethnic intolerance, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity of disability and so on.

Another update will prevent users from running multiple accounts in order to avoid blocking. As it turned out, this method is used by terrorists in order to remain on the Internet at any cost .

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