The tests of the domestic exoskeleton begin in Nizhny Novgorod


The exoskeleton, created by the team of scientists of the Nizhny Novgorod State University, was specially developed for patients with severe forms of locomotor system diseases. Already this month should begin its practical tests on patients.

Privolzhsky Federal Research Medical Center was chosen as a testing “test site”. As stated by one of the project leaders, Viktor Kazantsev, the product will be subjected to refinement after the tests. As expected, by the end of the year the exoskeleton will get a “ticket to life”.

According to him, scientists have created a robotic device controlled by the power of thought through a neural interface. It has the form of a headdress with a lot of sensors that convert brain signals into specific commands that activate the mechanisms of the exoskeleton.

Its main purpose is to allow walking patients, which will help to restore atrophied muscles and blood circulation of the affected limbs.


Unlike foreign analogues, patients with the help of a domestic exoskeleton will be able to move along an uneven surface without having to recalculate the trajectory of movement.

Another significant difference of our exoskeleton is neurointegration with a human being. Thanks to two additional control systems, the exoskeleton can control the muscles that have not lost their ability to act, straining them in the process of movement.

The estimated cost of the device is about one million rubles, which is twice lower than foreign analogues. The developers hope that the exoskeleton accessible to patients will become with the appropriate state support.

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