WhatsApp fake update contains software that steals bank data


More and more Internet users are complaining about malicious programs received via updates, allegedly being sent out on behalf of the popular platform application WhatsApp.

In the last recorded cases, the attackers used a fictitious letter with an update of WhatsApp. Instead of this update, the attached archive contained malicious software that steals bank data.

According to Fatih Orhan, director of the security company Comodo, as a “bait” hackers usually use pop-up ads or emails on behalf of one of the California companies that contain various text baits.

Thus, they provoke the recipient to open this message, which actually contains a virus program that infects the file system of a computer or smartphone and allows scammers to subordinate it to themselves.

The main efforts of fraudsters are aimed at capturing bank information. So the whole bouquet of malicious programs was discovered by the customers of the Association of Banks of Singapore (ABS). With the help of viruses distributed through WhatsApp, credit card data was stolen and information about mobile banking operations was sent, so the ABS management recommended that its customers install a reliable antivirus and download applications only from trusted sources.

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