The transport drones with vertical take-off AirMule made the first flight


The undeniable advantage of all helicopters is the possibility to land on small sites. However, it also has a limit limited by the scope of the blades. That’s why the Israeli company Tactical Robotics has developed an unmanned AirMule transport aircraft with internally mounted blades. The UAV is capable of vertical takeoff / landing, and then go into “airplane” mode.

The “flying mule” can be controlled both from the ground and fly in a completely autonomous mode. It is mainly intended for transporting the wounded from the combat area to small auxiliary vessels that do not have the capability to take conventional helicopters to their deck.


Vertical take-off and landing are provided by propellers located inside the shell. You can see them only by looking at the drone below or above. For a horizontal flight, two propellers in the rear of the aircraft meet. The Turbomeca Arriel 1D1 turbo-prop engine provides 730 horsepower. It is assumed on the production version to install a more powerful engine Arriel 2 with a capacity of 985 horsepower. The weight of the “Flying Mule” is 0.9 tons.

In addition to the military version, it is planned to produce a commercial version capable of carrying a payload of 440 kg for a distance of up to 300 km at a speed of 185 km / h at an altitude of up to 5,490 meters.

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