The strangest inventions of the year

The strangest inventions

Television, telephone and many other great inventions for the first time since their appearance often became objects of ridicule of contemporaries. Since then, little has changed. And today some achievements of modern technologies often cause misunderstanding and even a smile, since from our point of view are somewhere beyond the bounds of common sense. The past year has not become an exception.

Hammock with hot water


HydroHammock – a hybrid bath and hammock, created by the imagination of designer Benjamin Frederic. It consists of a high-strength, hermetic fabric, can accommodate two people and 189 liters of water. With the help of strong ratchet straps HydroHammock is attached to tree trunks or other reliable supports. The hose capacity is filled depending on the season of the year with cold or heated water.

Dispenser tubes made of Scotch tape


The idea of ​​ProtoPiper to a group of German scientists suggested a dispenser for Scotch tape and a 3D printer. Unlike the latter, it “prints” only multi-colored plastic tubes. The initial building material is a regular scotch. ProtoPiper users have the ability to make tubes of any length with special connecting “tongues” at the ends. With this device you can create objects or prototypes of any complexity. True, it is worth mentioning – not very strong.

Pancake printer

Pancake printer

Among users of 3D printers, PancakeBot is known as a pancake, that is, producing only flat products, which does not quite fit in with the notions of 3D. However, in all other respects, it does not differ from its counterparts, which print guards, lawnmowers, drones and so on. First, a digital model of the object is created, then it is loaded into the computer and transferred to the printer. It remains to press the button and soon you have on the table an appetizing edible product.

Superfluous auto sound

When there is too much sound

It turns out that the sound in a subcompact can be indecently a lot. It remains to be surprised how the owner of this Smart “Forgigs” managed to squeeze into such a limited space 5 amplifiers, 16 speakers and 2 huge subwoofers. Moreover, it is not clear how the human ear can survive a sound hurricane with a power of 5720 W / 150 dB.

Urinal and toilet bowl “in one person”

Urinal and toilet bowl in one person

The place of the urinal is known to be in the public toilet. This seemingly unbreakable stereotype was attempted to destroy Daniel Garvin by creating an individual urinal combined with a toilet bowl.

Writing robot

Writing robot

Recently, people are less likely to use the pen, which makes their handwriting approach their indiscriminateness to the level of the doctor prescribing prescriptions to patients. The robot Bond came to the rescue. Developers taught him to use the most expensive fountain pens to write down any of your text on paper. Bond is able to reproduce almost any handwriting and to write without errors.

Electric Hammer

Electric Hammer

Among the inventors, Patrick Pribe is known as a specialist who embodies the most fantastic projects “peeped” in the cinema. So the idea of ​​an electric hammer he gleaned from the hero of the famous animated series Homer Simpson. However, unlike the “cartoon” real hammer turned out to be frankly rather weak. Nails with it can be clogged only in soft materials.

Vase Fahz

fahz vase

The main requirement for the owner of this vase is a rich imagination. Its main feature is the creation of an optical Ruby-illusion, when looking at the silhouette of a vase on the side of a dark background, you begin to guess the profiles of familiar people. And the Fahz vase “accommodates” not one, but as many as 16 silhouettes. Such an unusual idea belongs to the architect and designer Nicholas Disbeins. To create such a vase you need information about the features of specific individuals, a computer that can create 3D models and a 3D printer.


protective device LeafxPro

Cyclists are a people as athletic as they are defenseless before the whims of nature. Now, with the help of the protective device LeafxPro fans turn pedals can successfully resist the wind and rain, not at the expense of its aerodynamics.

Levitation Light Bulb

Levitation Light Bulb

We know the effect of magnetic levitation on the example of high-speed trains and hoverboards . And here is the continuation of the list – a bulb with the effect of levitation. This is achieved thanks to the built-in bottom of the bulb and the base of the magnets. Electricity is transmitted wirelessly by induction.

How fair they call these devices “stupid”, time will tell .

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