The Russian inventor proposed the idea of ​​a supermarket for drivers

Supermarket for drivers

Not everyone enjoys wandering around with a cart among the endless supermarket shelves, filling it with the right products. The idea proposed by the Russian inventor Dahir Semenov will be able to rid the drivers of this boring, monotonous occupation, which, moreover, requires a lot of time.

At the entrance to such a specialized store will be installed a display showing free slots where the driver can drive up and buy. All goods are delivered using movable elevator-type racks. By pressing the button, the buyer activates it.

On each shelf there are various groups of goods. From them, the buyer chooses what he needs and puts on the conveyor belt, which delivers them to the cashier for calculation. Here the goods are packed and passed to the driver.

The technology offered by Dahir Semenov reduces the service time, significantly improves its quality and reduces the number of attendants.

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