Artificial intelligence will help the blind see


DuLight is a tiny device attached to the ear and connected by a wire to a smartphone. Despite the lack of Bluetooth, the gadget represents a step forward. After all, its main purpose is to enable the blind to see.

The device was developed by specialists of the Chinese company Baidu. It is equipped with a camera holding “in sight” space in front of a weakly seeing person. DuLight scans everything: road signs, food, other necessary household items, people’s faces.

The device sends the received information to the owner’s smartphone. After processing and identification of the subject, an appropriate audio description is formed, which is transmitted to the earpiece.

Baidu DuLight

The prototype DuLight is based on the so-called deep learning technologies. Their essence lies in the fact that within a large array of data centers that provide the work of online services Baidu, there are neural networks consisting of hardware and software. By their work, they mimic the neurons of the human brain. Analyzing a huge database of digital images, the system can identify specific objects, written words, human faces, anything.

With the help of artificial intelligence technologies, Internet giants Google, Facebook and Microsoft solve more and more tasks, in particular, search in the database of specific things, people, places, and recognition of voice commands.

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